Email Stationery – A Must for Marketing

Why do professionals, companies and organizations spend so much money on their logos, colors and branding and then send text emails? Would they send a letter on plain paper? Of course not.

So given the option of sending a plain text email with no personality whatsoever or sending an email that makes a positive impact each and every time, why do people still send ugly email?

This is a blatant product placement as I co-founded a company called inboxFX Communications Inc. that creates customized email stationery for virtually any type of business or professional.

This is a plain text and ugly email. Plain Text Email Sample

These are attractive, eye-catching professional emails using inboxFX email stationery:

Proc Email Helen Email Casa Email Marilyn Email Higher Ground Email Corina Email Terri Email Dyer Email Stationery

The annual license ranges from $ 49.00 to a simple design up to $ 199.00 for a custom design. It works with any email software, from anywhere to anywhere and if you are a Realtor it will even work with your MLS.

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