Give-to-Get Marketing – Personalized Memo Pads

I am a big believer that too much emphasis is put on the sender and not enough on the recipient. When you send something to your client that is all about you, how much time do you think people spend reading it?

What if you could send something to your clients that showed that you value their business and ensures that your name and phone number stay at the top of their mind.

Sample Personalized Note Pad 2 Sample Personalized Note Pad 3 Sample Personalized Note Pad 1

Why not send a personalized note pad? For as little as $ 4.50 per client you can give them something that will have value to them, they will keep as long as the pages last and differentiates you from all of the other suppliers.

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  1. Chris Hoskin says:

    I agree.

    Corporate giveaways are essentially very self-centred and it is rare that people are happy being walking advertisements for anything other than the leading brands (I’m talking b2b here).

    Your approach is a great one – and with digital print costs going through the floor the possibilities are extending all the time.


  2. Brilliant idea! I think people will be much more inclined to keep and use an item with their own name on it too.

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