Logo Logic

In a recent post on Marketing Profs about logos, Jared McCarthy provides some excellent advice.
Design in black and white. It’s easier to evaluate the quality of a logo when rendered in black and white. Color can mask a design’s weakness. Therefore, ask your designer for initial presentations in black and white.

Shape and style matter more than color. Most successful logos are simple in design, e.g. Nike’s swoosh or the stylized font of Coca-Cola’s name. They are also sufficiently versatile to make a statement in any situation, whether on the side of a bus, on a business card or embroidered on a shirt. Should you decide on a complicated design, make sure the central element can be clearly recognized in the blink of an eye.

Color counts. Don’t pick a color simply because it’s your favorite. You might love blue (which conveys heritage and dignity), but a fun and cheerful orange hue might better serve your business. Also remember, the colors you choose will have to be consistently and accurately reproduced in various media.

With a simple—yet distinctive—design and the right color choice, you’re on your way to a successful logo.

What are the typical steps followed to design a logo? We ask a number of questions to get the project moving forward such as:

1. What is the company’s mission statement?
2. How would you like for your company to be positioned within the market place?
3. Please provide 3-5 examples of company logos that you like, along with reasons why you like them.
4. Do you have type style preferences? (Script, light, heavy, etc.)
5. Do you have any symbol preferences? (Minimal, abstract, etc.)
6. Can you suggest specific dos or don’ts for your logo?

Following are some of the logos we have designed recently:

Dee Dee Book Nexgen Graham Financial Logo

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