Personal Branding

How can you establish your own personal brand? Embrace the following seven steps.

1. Identify What You Value

Your personal brand is ultimately a reflection of everything you value. For example, if you value honesty, then your brand will likely reflect the way you’re always honest with your clients and prospects. Or if you value knowledge, then your brand will likely incorporate the way you acquire, use, and communicate information.

2. Identify What Makes You Unique

With your values as your foundation, the next step is to determine your specific uniqueness. Everyone is unique and special in some way. For example, maybe you are the only salesperson on your team with children. In this case, you can relate to other parents on a different level than anyone else in your company. Or maybe you are the only one with a background in technology, so you know exactly how to meet the needs of people in that industry.

3. Identify How You Want To Be Perceived

Branding is about other people’s perceptions of you. You have the power to control most of these perceptions with your actions and presentation. Obviously, some people simply won’t like you, and others will be jealous of you. But you can control most perceptions.

4. Identify Your Specialty

Next, consider what specialty you want to be known for and take action to achieve it. If you want to be branded as a great public speaker, then you have to pay your dues and join the National Speakers Association, hire coaches, take constructive criticism, get up and talk, and work you way through that crowd. If you want to be branded as the best value-added salesperson, then you have to bring extra value to every client or prospect meeting.

5. Identify Your Target Market

The goal of branding is to build customer loyalty. As you’re creating your brand, you need to determine your target market and speak directly to them. For example, if you sell minivans, then you might target mothers with three or more children in your brand. But if you sell pick-up trucks, then you will obviously need to speak to a completely different audience.

6. Write Your Brand

Now that you know all the elements that form your brand, you have to actually write the statement. A brand is a phrase that jumps out at you from the page and grabs your emotions. Start by incorporating at least one action verb. Then keep it short and simple. You want to make it unique, memorable, and repeatable. You also want it to ring an emotional bell that causes clients and prospects to focus on you, and you alone, when they need your type of service (i.e.: Action Jackson gets results).

7. Visualize, Walk, and Talk Your Brand

Finally, once you have created your brand, you must publicize it. Start acting your brand immediately. Tell others about it and ask them to spread the word. Establish a group of advocates who understand you and can publicize your brand to all the people they know. This will create a word of mouth buzz. You don’t want to let these people go too long without hearing from you. Keep in contact with them and keep your brand circulating.

Following are some examples of Personal Branding packages we have created:

Corina Brand Annie Brand Alexis Brand Graham Financial Brand Nexgen Brand Tony Breen Brand

One Comment Add yours

  1. shwibbs says:

    These seven points are right on the money. I would add an 8th that states that you must maintain your Personal Brand over time. Personal Brands may evolve and grow, as the individual does. The collateral or message of the individual must reflect those changes and it must be communicated effectively to the audience.

    I dedicate my whole blog to this subject if your interested.

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