Business Card Tricks – How To Make Them Work!

1. Get a Positive Response
This is the action you want your new contact to take next as a result of your communication. In this case it’s your business card that provides the communication.

2. Get Read (Break The Ice)
It sounds obvious, but just how many business cards do you put straight in your pocket without giving them a second glance?

3. Get Kept (And Referred To)
Your business card gets looked at more times than a typical ad. In fact, even if it’s not very good it typically gets looked at 3 times:
When You Hand It Over
When They Take It Out
When It Gets Filed (Or Chucked)

4. Get Passed On
Just getting your card passed on once doubles your exposure. Again the new recipient gets to look at it 3 times:

1. When Your Contact Hands It Over
2. When Their Contact Takes It Out
3. When It Gets Filed (Or Chucked)

5. Qualify/Disqualify Prospects
Be explicit about what you do, for whom and in what situation and you will help your card to do the difficult job of separating the wheat from the chaff, in terms of people you’d like to do business with.

6. Sell Stuff
If you have products (books, eBooks, widgets, unique inventions, gadgets) to sell then why not list a couple of your best sellers on the back of your card with their price and how to buy.

7. Make You Stand Out
A key goal when networking is to stand out and be recognized.

Here are some of our recent designs:

Business Cards

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