Marketing Guy Code of Conduct

I find working with clients on their marketing involves a far more personal relationship than some people might imagine. Mutual trust is the key to a successful marketing relationship. I got thinking about how I can establish trust with a client that has not had the benefit of a referral and started to write out what I thought were the terms and conditions of working with a client.

Then I realized how impersonal terms and conditions are and they have now evolved into a personal and Corporate Code of Conduct. Here’s my Code of Conduct:

Marketing Guy Code of Conduct

Professional Conduct

-Accept only those projects that we are qualified to undertake.
-Ensure that our staff are competent and effectively managed.
-Confirm in writing the objectives, scope of work, responsibilities and fees payable for each project.
-Advise clients of realistic expectations of a project.
-Respect the Intellectual Property Rights of others.
-Respect the confidentiality of all client information before, during and after projects.

Impartiality and Objectivity
-Put the best interests of the client first at all times.
-Disclose promptly to clients any conflicts of interest.
-Always act impartially, objectively and with integrity.
-Refuse any form of inducement, commission or payment which could impair objectivity.

-Exercise good management by careful planning, regular progress reviews and effective controls.
-Provide accurate and timely documentation.
-Carry out projects in accordance with client requirements.
-Ensure that all individuals working on a project understand and follow identified quality procedures.
-Take responsibility for the quality of all aspects of the project and compliance with this Code of Conduct.
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