Open Houses

The debate over whether to hold an open house or not rages on and the answer is different depending on the region or city you live in. Providing there are no local or market forces preventing you from holding an open house they are an effective tool for attracting new clients.

There are buyers without representation that might be interested in working with you. Every buyer is a potential seller and your open house is a stage for you to impress them and differentiate your marketing plan from all of the other Realtors. The vendor is one of your best sources of referrals and you need to impress them with your marketing.

What are some of the Open House Tools we create:

Feature Sheets
When a buyer walks away with a colour feature sheet your marketing will stick in their minds above all of the other Realtors they meet that day or weekend. The vendor will also hand them out to their friends.

Feature Sheet 7 Feature Sheet 6 Feature Sheet 5 Feature Sheet 3 Feature Sheet 2 Feature Sheet 1 Feature Sheet 8

Here are a few samples from our clients.

Proc Feature Sheet Avery Feature Sheet Grant Feature Sheet

Amenity Maps
Using a program like Microsoft Streets and Trips or Google Maps it is easy to print out street maps that indicate where the schools, churches, hospitals etc are located. Add your name to the map and it will stay with the prospect throughout their travels.

Amenity map

Aerial View
Providing an aerial view of the property has never been easier with the advent of services like Google Maps, but the local city, town, municipality, district or government web site is still the best source of aerial views in most locations. I like to include a high aerial view and a zoomed in view with the property dimensions. In Canada we include both meters and feet to eliminate any confusion. These can also have your branding on them:

Aerial View Zoom Aerial View

Features & Improvements
It is a great idea to make a list of all of the features, enhancements and improvements as the buyer would not be able to pick these things out for themselves. Here are examples of a couple of branded sheets:

Features and Improvements 2 Features and Improvements 1

Floor Plans
A professionally drawn floor plan with accurate measurements helps the buyer visualize how they can fit all of their kids and furniture into a house. By adding your branding to the floor plan it once again reinforces your professionalism.
Floor Plan

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