Memo Pads as Giveaways

I am a strong believer in two marketing concepts; give-to-get marketing and refrigerator marketing. When I work with Realtors I always include a memo or note pad in their marketing mix as these address both concepts. Clients and prospects appreciate something of value (give-to-get) and they stay around as long as there are pages in them (refrigerator marketing) (See my post on Personalized Memo Pads)

When we design memo pads for clients we always try to downplay the “me” part and play up the “you” part. We allow a lot of room for writing and make it attractive enough that people will put it to use for all types of writing. If a client or prospect write a note to someone on your pad it is almost like an endorsement.

We recommend a variety of styles depending on the marketing message we are trying to create. Sometimes thy have headings such as “Things To Do Today” or “Shopping List”. Often we add feint lines and even check boxes which people appreciate.

Following is a montage of some of more recent designs:

Sample Memo Pads

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