Refrigerator Marketing

Before the invention of the stainless steel fridge the fridge was the storage spot for everything important. Actually I think the majority of households still use their fridge as a notice board, bulletin board, kitchen organizer and photo album so the term “refrigerator marketing” is still appropriate.

The key is to mail or give clients and prospects something they perceive to be useful and they will keep a long time. It does not have to literally be on the fridge, but it has to have enough value to make them want to keep the item.

There are some examples of the kind of refrigerator marketing I recommend. As I am in Vancouver, BC you will see a local flavour (Canadian spelling eh), but the principal applies everywhere:

Sports Calendar – This is a Vancouver Canucks TV schedule which details the specific time and TV station on which the games can be seen. The beauty of this is it lasts from October through to the end of the hockey season in April.

Canucks Calendar Front Canucks Calendar Back

Emergency Phone Numbers – Now if this came in the mail who is going to throw it out. Catchy front picture and everything a homeowner needs to know about emergency numbers.

Emergency Numbers Front marketing-piece-2-front_page_2.jpg

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