Top Eight Success Secrets of Email Marketing

As the owner of an email stationery service called inboxFX (See Email Stationery – A Must for Marketing) I am strongly biased towards the effectiveness of email marketing, but then again because I use email stationery my success rate is probably a lot higher than most people.
Vflyer Email Marketing     Email Marketing Sample     Email Marketing Sample 2

There are a few tips I can share with you that will improve the success of your marketing:

  1. Audience – Be selective about who is on your list.
  2. HTML vs. plain, ugly text? No question HTML.
  3. Relevancy—Make certain your emails are relevant, timely and valuable to recipients.
  4. Frequency – Start off slowly. Find a balance between informing and pestering.
  5. Length—Keep it short and packed with value.
  6. Content—Give them something they can’t live without.
  7. Design – Ensure your message is above the “fold”. The part of the email that is in the preview pane.
  8. Test everything—Test your subject header, your content, your offer, your pricing and your call to action.

And the most important step of all is to use email stationery for all of your correspondence.

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