Open House Feature Sheets as a Marketing Tool

If open houses are part of your marketing mix then the most important tool is an effective Feature Sheet or Property Flyer. An open house is as much about you as it is about the property.

An open house serves three main purposes:

1) The vendor feels that their home is being exposed to a wider market of buyers.
2) The Realtor uses the open house as a forum to meet new buyers with the idea of converting them to clients.
3) The Realtor uses the open house to prospect for people interested in selling their home.

No matter which of the three are your motivation a professional Feature Sheet is a must. When a buyer walks away with a colour feature sheet your marketing will stick in their minds above all of the other Realtors they meet that day or weekend. The vendor will also hand them out to their friends.

A professional Feature Sheet will have the vendor singing your praises and will have prospective sellers wanting you to market their home. Remember they are going to many open houses and comparing the marketing so you want your s to stand out.

Take a look at what we can do to make your open house marketing stand out. Feature Sheet Order Form

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