E-mail, e-mail or email? It’s email from now on!

As new terms become accepted by the mainstream they evolve into shorter words, single words and shed their capitalization and hyphenation. Words like “Web site” and “on-line” have over time have become “website” and “online” as people became more comfortable with them. “Electronic mail” has followed a similar acceptance arc, becoming “E-mail” and then “e-mail.”

It’s now time for “the word” to take its final step and become simply “email,” signifying the ubiquity of this form of communication, which is now used by 97% of all consumers and 94% of marketers, according to Forrester Research.

As a follower of the Email Experience Council I am a strong backer of the standardization of the spelling of email and I am planning to convert people to this spelling on client at a time.

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  1. tetsou says:

    Great article on Email Etiquette. I have to agree that it is a topic that most people don’t give much attention to when communicating via email. I thought all of your points were valid, although 6-Answer swifty, is probable not good advice as the authors of SEND will testify.

    I conducted a similar exercise in a large corporate and compiled the 7 Deadly Sins of Email that my particular group thought we should all avoid in a business context.

    Hope this helps?


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