Fax to Email – Internet Fax – Indispensable

My partner in inboxFX (email stationery) has a fax-to-email service called SRFax that I think is second only to email stationery as an indispensable internet tool.

Why anyone has a separate fax line at their home or office is beyond me when you can have all of your faxes delivered right to your email. Imagine sitting at your computer and your email pops up with “New 2 page Fax from: 604-277-4444“. You scroll down the email and read a preview as part of the email or click on the pdf attachment. You open the attachment, read it and take action. Forward it, save it, print it or delete it.

When you want to send a fax you log on to www.srfax.com, type in your message and it is sent instantly complete wih a cover page. I recommend you go their web site for more information. You can’t beat $ 12.95 a month.

One of the greatest benefits is being able to receive faxes when I am away on business or vacation. The only hitch is when I have to send a document with a signature, but I get around that by scanning the page or pages and sending them as attachments.

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