8 Great Giveaway Ideas

Realtor Magazine Online had an excellent article on Giveaway Ideas for Realtors, but they apply to most businesses and professionals.

Potholders and house-shaped refrigerator magnets which were a staple giveaway in the past have given way to items that are unique, creative, and fun.

Choose items that are appropriate for your target prospects and fit your marketing message. When suitable, add your logo, web site and phone number to the giveaway, but the most important thing to remember is not to make the logo so big that they’ll never use the gift. In the case of memo pads and magnetic fridge calendars less is more. Who wants to write a not on a piece of paper that has advertising on half of it.

Following are some good ideas from the article.
1. Moving Day First-aid Kit Provide a moving day kit filled with such items as snacks, paper towels, plastic cups, bottled water, flashlights, aspirin, and carton openers. Don’t forget the phone number of the favorite local pizza delivery spot, along with a coupon.

2. Mother’s helper.
Bottle warmers, bibs, and diaper bags are great for new parents. Form a partnership with a local hospital and sponsor the gifts they give to new parents.

3. Sports-related items.
Imprint your logo on kites, baseball caps, sports water bottles, ball markers, sports towels, tennis balls, and walking odometer.

4. Stress reduction.
Help them wind down after stressful weeks of looking for a home or unpacking. In a basket, include bubble bath, tea and cookies, a bottle of wine, potpourri, candles — and, if you’re really creative, some names of potential babysitters.

5. Home-related gifts.
Give clients or prospects something that shows you understand how much they love their home: bird feeders, a doormat, a newspaper or home-improvement magazine subscription, attractively potted plants, flags and gift certificates to a local hardware or home improvement store.

6. Relocation kit.
They’ll appreciate things that will help them learn their new city quickly. In the kit, include things such as: a laminated folding map of the city, a list of the best restaurants in several price ranges, five local points of interest with directions on how to get there, phone numbers of local movie theaters, little-known historical facts about the area.

7. Home office options.
Post-it notes, custom mouse pads, cool pens, computer glare screen, and thermal coffee mug.

8. High-end options.
Custom door wreath, crystal vase or paperweight, matching Coach key rings with house keys, and caviar and champagne.

One study I read recently pointed out that people feel less guilt spending a gift certificate than they do cash. Think of a gift certificate that they would not buy themselves; a his and her spa treatment, day fishing expedition, hand car washes, a night at a downtown hotel or a tour of their own city.

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