Social Networking – Just for kids. Not!

I am not sure of the average age of readers of this blog, but for those that graduated from high school with black and white pictures in their Annual (that’s me), social networking refers to web sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Linked in among many others.

According to a recent survey on online social networking conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity(i4cp) – some 65% of business professionals are connecting via personal and professional social networking websites and the most popular site used for professional networking was LinkedIn, followed by Yahoo 360 and MySpace, according to the study.

  • 52% of respondents do so to keep internal staff and remote employees connected
  • 47% use the networks to connect with potential clients and to showcase their skills
  • 35% say they use networks to assist them in finding a job.

Jay Jamrog, i4cp’s SVP of Research states “Companies and employees have often gravitated to trade associations and shows for one primary benefit: community. Social networks have opened a new dynamic in bringing that community online, and the ability to share what’s working and what isn’t in real time is invaluable to many employees today.”

Social Networking

Picture of people networking in the olden days.

Now it is time for true confessions. I recently added three videos to YouTube, joined LinkedIn and have made discrete inquiries of my kids of which picture of me would look best if I was to join Facebook. Apparently most of the kids have color pictures so my grad photo is out. I also attend meetings through a local Meetup and what I find most interesting about social networking is how effective they are at optimizing your search engine placement. If I Google my name I am always surprised to find my involvement with a small monthly Meetup meeting ranked so highly.

The YouTube thing is on the fringe of social networking, but I am amazed at how many people (178) have found a humorous video I uploaded of one of my daughters crashing and burning during a gymnastics meet. It is there with her permission as a test to see if it makes sense to place other videos for clients. (Go to YouTube and search on “gymnastics unconventional” for a chuckle or a gasp)

So if you want to improve your search engine optimization explore social networking as a tool.

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