Movies for Your Web Site

A few weeks ago I mentioned a company called Real Estate Shows as one of the cool marketing tools for Realtors, but I want to re-visit this marketing tool as a great marketing tool for any company.

Real Estate Shows

This is an example of a recent movie I created for a client. Click on the icon below (one day I will learn how to embed the movie):

Click Here For Tour Of Home

While the product is geared to Realtors the movies can be used for almost any product or service. It only costs $ 125.00 per year for unlimited movies and I can guarantee once you make one you will want to make more.

They provide the code to embed the movies and I can prove it works at one of my clients’ web sites at If you are not sure about making your own movie send me an email as we provide this service.

These movies are a great marketing tool as they are viewed with your branding and if you email the link they can be viewed in 30 to 60 seconds by the recipient. I once sent an email with a link to an open house to Realtors and 47 out of 200 clicked on the link and watched the movie.

Now that’s an effective email marketing tool.

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