Event Marketing and Sponsorship for Realtors

One of my marketing clients is a small, open air shopping mall with a well defined trading area of about 5,000 homes. Twice a year I put on a client appreciation event on their behalf which is billed as “free, family fun”.

This year we had so many things for the kids to do they wouldn’t leave. We had four craft stations, they decorated cupcakes, rode in the the Spaceball, experienced riding a pony, climbed a wall, slid down a slide, explored a tunnel, played mini golf among many other things all for free.

Caulfeild Wall Caulfeild pony ride Caulfeild Space Ball

Caulfeild spin art Caulfeild crowd


While the merchants pay for the event we look for local sponsorship to offset the marketing and advertising cost. A local Realtor, Eric Christiansen who lives in the area, sells homes in the area and shops at the mall jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the event which in turn paid for the printing of postcards and the mailing costs. A win-win solution. Eric reached over 5,000 homes as a sponsor of the event and the mall distributed 5,000 business directories at no cost. Below is the front and back of the 5″ x 7″ postcard we mailed out.

Caulfeild Postcard Back Caulfeild Postcard Front

The back of the postcard has a list of the businesses and services and their phone numbers so this is a perfect example of Refrigerator Marketing. It is a great resource which will be kept either on the fridge or in a drawer for a long time to come. The artwork on the directory side is an image of an actual mural the community painted last year as one of the crafts.

Caulfeild Poster


If you are looking for a way to reach into a community consider sponsorship of events like this. By taking a solution to the merchants or organizers such as offering to pay the production and mailing costs in return for adding your branding to the mailing you are more likely to receive a positive response. What if I told you that you could reach more than 5,000 homes in full color for less than $ 1500.00?

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