Have You Done Something Nice For Your Clients/Customers Today?

Do you sit by the phone or in your business and wait for a new customer to walk in for your next sale? Well if you are like most businesses the gold mine is your existing customers, not the new ones.

The time you spend working with your customers and clients is time well spent. So how do you start working the database?

Paper People

Every customer has a life cycle.

  1. New customers need an incentive to return.
  2. Current customers need to be reminded to return
  3. Your best customers should be rewarded if they return.
  4. Some customers should be ignored.

What do you do with new customers?

Special Offer
First find out as much as you can about them so you can attract more. Then mail a special offer to new customers. What kind of response can you expect? 5% to 15%* is possible.

Send A Welcome Mailing
Thank them for their business and make a special Welcome offer to first-time customers. A first-time customer is more likely to to repeat their purchase and your chances of retaining them for life are much higher. A response rates of 15% to 30% is possible.

Tell Current Customers You Miss Them
Identify your best customers that haven’t made a purchase for a period of time and mail them a great offer to get them to return. Response rates of 10% to 20%* are possible.

Remind Current Customers
Mail a promotional or seasonal offer to create excitement and new sales among your customers. Response rates of 5% to 15%* is normal.

Reward Current Customers

Reward your best customers with a special offer, event or simple thank you. Offer a promotional product or gift certificate for reaching spending thresholds. Response rates for this are typically 20% to 50%*.

Wrapped Gift

These response rates are not carved in stone, but are attainable with an effective mail piece. Call me and ask how you can take control of your business and stop waiting for the phone to ring or the next new customer to walk through the door.

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