Direct Mail Campaigns Made Easy

Much is written in blogs about direct mail campaigns and I am sure they are right, but I have found the two most important secrets to a successful mailing program are consistency and duration. Whether you pick a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly cycle it does not matter as much as always sending your letter out on time and regardless of the results stick to the program for at least one year; more on a quarterly cycle. I have read you need at least 7 contacts and I have also read you need a lot more contacts than that to be effective, but my experience has been that a well thought out campaign, executed on a strict cycle in conjunction with your other marketing will achieve results beyond anything else you do. I generally work with clients to plan what the message will be for each mailing and if there should be an enclosure such as a memo pad, market update or promotional giveaway. I then draft the letters for the client to review and edit and take care of all of the other steps to ensure the mailing is on time. All the client has to do is sign the letters. These are a few examples that combine my ideas with ones found on many marketing web sites:

Sample Letter 2 Sample Letter 3 Sample Letter 4 Sample Letter 5Sample Letter 1

The most effective way I have found to work with clients is to start with a price list that encompasses all of the activities associated with sending the letter. Click here for a Prospecting Letters fee schedule broken down by letter volume. I find that this ensures the successful implementation of the campaign as we are set up to execute better than most Realtors.

The pricing includes the following activities:
Writing initial letter Research and compilation of information if required
Layout of letter Mail Merge of database with letter
Printing of letter
Merging and printing mailing labels
Folding letter
Stuffing into envelope
Postage in Canada
Applying postage

The inclusive price for this service ranges from $ 3.00 per letter for 100 letters down to $ 1.60 per letter if you are sending 500 letters.

All you have to do is look at the title of this blog to understand why we stress the timeliness and the repetitiveness of the direct mail program.

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