Helping Out – School Programs and Magazine Advertising

If your school system is like our school system the extra-curricular activities are always looking for advertisers for their half-time programs, school band and sports team trips and concert programs.

I am a strong believer that giving back to the community not only feels good, is the right thing to do and should be part of every Realtors budget, but it can also be done effectively.

One of my clients was approached to put a full page ad in a basketball program and as proud supporters they graciously accepted without consulting their marketing guy first. As soon as I heard “full page” I broke a bit of a sweat because this was going to be more than sending a copy of their business card.

So I got to thinking what do Realtors and basketball have in common. The puns are endless, but I got to thinking about all of the basketball hoops hanging out over the road and a light went on. I grabbed the camera and took pictures of a few dozen portable and in-ground hoops, conjured up a catchy headline and this is what I came up with.
Steve and CLive Basketball Ad

Okay it did not win any Clio award, but it was fun to watch people looking for their basketball hoop in the pictures and it connected the Realtors with the community. It had a headline that grabbed attention, lots of photos to capture the readers attention and a soft sell at the bottom. It also stood out among all of the other one page ads in the magazine.

One footnote.  The opportunity came up during the Fall and anyone who knows Vancouver knows that in Vancouver it rains twice a year; once for 35 days and once for 46 days so I did not have time to take sunny day pictures.  Since this shoot I always carry my camera and shoot theme pictures of various concepts just in case.

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