Newsletters as a Marketing Tool

I have published a few newsletters for clients and while the layout is a snap, making them effective is no easy task. I think that is why so many Realtors turn to services that have monthly templates and a spot for them to add their branding.

As a method of staying in touch with clients and prospects newsletters can be effective, but if it isn’t topical, timely and terrific (I need another “t” to go with the first two) I think they can work against you.

I have gleaned a few ideas in my travels and thought they might be useful for aspiring newsletter writers:

Subscribers welcome columns written by an in-house or industry expert.

Case studies
Readers love real-life how-to’s that they can apply to their own business. Case studies provide valuable specifics: How much did it cost? What problems did they encounter? What was the ROI?

Lots of them. Choose photos that are worth a thousand words. If you are using “people” photos, a close-up of a speaker works better than a wide-angle shot of a roomful of attendees.

Product reviews
Readers will appreciate your informed opinion and unbiased reviews of everything from software to computer equipment to business trends.

Interview with an expert
Spend a few minutes talking to an expert and publish valuable information and insights you learned.

Advice column
Write a “Dear Abby” column, with an expert who solves a subscriber’s problem. Use actual questions from subscribers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Answer the key questions you deal with on a daily or weekly basis.

Give easy-to-follow instructions for completing a task, such as writing effective emails.

Calendar of events
List local events.

Share testimonials from customers. Not only will you build business, you’ll help subscribers understand all the ways they might work with you.

This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a place to start. Remember if you are sending a stock newsletter out and it does not resonate with your clients it will not be as effective in building good will.

Cosmo Newsletter

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  1. shwibbs says:

    Nice work. I like your example

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