Take a Client To Dinner – Doggy Bag Included

I wrote an article about client appreciation events with some general suggestions, but recently ran across a new concept that I found interesting and worth mentioning. While this company is located in Vancouver, BC, I am sure there are similar companies in your area.

The concept is called Sensational Suppers and they offer a unique service that your clients will appreciate. Sensational Suppers is a meal assembly business designed to make cooking a “pleasurable and stress free endeavor”. Sign me up.

Sensational Supper Logo

Sensational Suppers plans, shops, chops and cleans up while you get to enjoy a one to two hour session to prep your dinners. They have individual work-stations where the ingredients are all laid out. You simply follow the posted recipe. You can also customize your dinners to your family’s taste by accommodating special diets and taste preferences. When you are finished place the assembled dinners into the freezer containers they provide, take the dinners home, freeze them, and cook when needed.

Where does the client appreciation come in? I like the idea of inviting 10 to 20 clients preferably with their spouse or partner to a meal prep session. For about $ 60.00 per couple they can prepare 4 different meals for the two of them, take them home and freeze them. You supply the beverages (I recommend a Pinot Noir) and perhaps go ahead of time (or call and have them do it) and prepare a dessert which you can give each client as an extra gift.

It will be fun for your clients to mix, try something new and get 4 free meals. An alternative to this is to rent the Sensational Supper space and bring in your own chef for a cooking class.

I have always recommended group cooking classes for clients as the informal environment is great for reconnecting and reinforcing why they chose to do business with you in the first place. Every business and service needs a lot of raving fans to spread the word and I think this would be the best $ 60.00 you can invest.

If you know of any similar concepts in your area please send me a link. By the way Sensational Suppers is franchising.
P.S.I have no financial interest in this company and they are not aware I have mentioned them.

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  1. sheila says:

    I adore Sensational Suppers myself and had our company christmas party there last week. It was the best event we have put on in the 18 years I have been with my company. We cranked the music, had some great wine and were served on hand and foot. Best of all we all went home with 6 meals and I don’t have to cook with my relatives in town all next week. The food is fantastic and the experience of assembling the meals was a riot.

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