Writing an Effective Marketing Letter

I recently started frequenting a copywriting blog which is part of the Red Hot Copy web site by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and was reminded how important good copy is. Copywriting to me is a highly specialized segment of marketing and while I am competent at it I prefer writing marketing letters.


I often write letters on behalf of my clients and have them add their personal flair as they know what they want to say, but don’t know how to say it. While no expert on the subject here are a few writing tips that I follow:

  1. Focus on what is the benefit to the reader.
  2. Present your strongest benefit to the reader in the first sentence.
  3. Personalize the letter in the address and salutation if not once in the copy.
  4. Engage your reader as if it is a one on one discussion.
  5. Eliminate the “I’s and Me’s” and focus on the “You and Yours.
  6. Long letters with changes in margins and fonts etc are more effective for consumer offers.
  7. Keep the letter short for businesses.
  8. Use the P.S. by repeating your main point as it is the first or second part of the letter that is read.
  9. Use color.
  10. Use humor.
  11. Spelchek

Whenever I write a letter I give it a name or title so I can stay focussed on the message and the target market. A few examples for Realtors are:I love to Sell Real Estate letter
I am Writing to Thank You Letter
The Humble Apology Letter
It’s Been a While Since We Talked Letter
Your Referrals are Warmly Appreciated Letter
There Is Not Time like the Present Letter

This is a sample letter I wrote to the generally older residents of a building announcing a unit has just been sold and asking them if they were thinking of selling to give the Realtor a call. The letter was designed to play on the curiosity of the residents and also convey that the Realtor could simplify the process.

Annie Letter
Do you think it worked?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jonathan says:

    Love the idea of giving your letter a name or theme – definitely would help to keep focus on the critical points.

    One comment on personalisation – only do this if you are SURE the information is correct, as it’s even more off-putting than a no personalisation.

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