Letter for Soliciting Testimonials

Testimonials are the lifeblood of many businesses and are effective for proposal and web sites. They do not have to be difficult get if you send a simple form letter like this:


John Smith
ABC Company
124 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V7V 7V7

Dear John:

I have a favor to ask of you. I am in the process of putting together a list of testimonials about my services / products from satisfied clients and I hope I can count you among them.

Would you take a few minutes to give me your opinion of my _______ ? No need to type a letter; just jot your comments on the back of this letter, sign below, and return it to me in the enclosed envelope.

(The second copy is for your files.) I look forward to learning what you like about my service…but I also welcome any suggestions or criticisms.

Many thanks.


Your name here
Job Title

You have my permission to quote from my comments and use these quotations in ads, brochures, mail, and other promotions used to market your _____________ services.

Signature________________________________ Date ______________

I think any client or customer receiving this letter would take the time to write out a few comments on the back and slip it into a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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