When Was the Last Time You Wrote a Letter?

The practice of sending letters seems to be on the wane. I can’t remember the last time I received a personal letter from anyone and to be honest I am not the most prolific letter writer either. Now when I suggest sending a letter I am thinking of a hand-written letter on your letterhead. Forget about typing it out and worrying about the font and formatting. Write a letter.
Pen on Paper
So how do you write a letter?

  1. Keep them accurate, brief and clear.
  2. Handwrite them most of the time.
  3. Get directly to the point.
  4. Make them feel personal.
  5. Never use a form letters.
  6. Make the reflect your personality.


I started thinking about reasons I could send a letter and there were a lot more reasons than I had originally thought possible.

  1. To set up an appointment
  2. To compliment someone for something
  3. To reinforce a personal contact you’ve made
  4. To thank someone for seeing your demo or hearing your presentation
  5. To follow-up on a sales call
  6. To thank someone for making a purchase
  7. To thank someone for giving you a referral
  8. To let them know of changes in your product or service offerings
  9. To recognize someone for a job well done
  10. To apologize for something you may have done wrong
  11. To congratulate on a promotion or new job
  12. To thank a person for doing a favor for you
  13. To thank someone for exceptional service
  14. To let a person know that you appreciate their product or service
  15. To thank a person for their time
  16. To announce a new product or service that you offer
  17. To send new marketing information
  18. To give advance notice of a sale or special promotion
  19. To acknowledge recent publicity
  20. To recognize a special occasion or event

There are dozens more reasons, but the best reason is the positive impact it will have on:

  • retaining clients
  • reactivating clients
  • building your referrals

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