Advertising Expenditures As a % Of Sales

I am always trying to find sources of facts that will help me in my marketing.  The following table is compiled by the Retail Council of Canada shows advertising expenditures as a percentage of sales for a number of industries.

It is no surprise that furniture stores lead the way with opticians and jewelry stores right behind then as our newspapers are full of ads from all three sectors.

Newspaper Stack

Auto repair    2.5%
Bakeries    1.6%
Banks    1.3%
Beauty Shops    2.0%
Bicycle Shop    2.0%
Book Stores    1.7%
Camera Stores    3.0%
Computer stores    3.7%
Department Stores    3.0%
Discount Stores    2.7%
Drug stores    1.5%
Florists    1.5%
Food Chain    1.3%
Furniture store    7.1%
Gift store    3.7%
Hardware    2.3%
Jewelery    6.2%
Fashion store    3.1%
Office supplies    1.3%
Opticians    7.0%
Pet stores    3.7%
Shoe store    2.0%
Sporting goods    2.5%
Tire dealers    2.2%
Travel agents    5.0%
Variety stores    2.2%

*Source: Retail Council of Canada

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