Database Touches – Reasons to Send an Email or Letter

If you understand the importance of “touches” in your database and the statistics that say you need 7 or 12 or 33 touches every year to be successful, then you are probably wondering how you can possibly find enough things to say to your sphere of influence.

There are three main ways to stay in touch; telephone, letter and email and these suggestions will work with all three in some form or another. Keep in mind you are trying to build trust, credibility and ultimately a relationship with your database to ensure repeat business and referral business.

Using Realtors as an example here are 5 reasons to get in touch with your database. While they do not apply to every business or service I am sure you can develop similar ideas:

1) Home Maintenance
This topic alone can keep you in touch with your database on a monthly basis, but you don’t want to over do it. There are dozens of sources of tips and information on the internet and as long as you give credit to the source and a link it should be okay to glean ideas. Some examples are:

  • Return on investment for different renovations
  • Monthly garden maintenance checklist
  • Send packages of seeds (maybe Forget-Me-Nots)
  • Color trends
  • Decorating magazines or articles
  • New roofing products

Faucet 1

2) Home Buying Tips
Everything is always changing so with the help of some of your alliances you should be able to provide information that your database will find interesting:

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Financing – New mortgage products
  • Title Insurance
  • Home Insurance tips

3) Proof You Are The Best Realtor for Them
Continually educate your database about why you stand out as a Realtor. This can be done through stories about people you have helped in specific situations, announcement of a new marketing tool you are using such as video or even a list of services you provide. You should also be reinforcing the success of your marketing program whenever possible.

Woman 3
4) Success Stories
I have read where people are passively thinking about selling their home for 5 years before the actual sale. “As soon as the kids are out of school we should…”. That means for all 5 years they are aware of their options and you need to reinforce your worth as a Realtor on a regular basis. This can be done through passing on testimonials you receive or even awards for your achievements as a Realtor. People want to deal with successful people so blow your own horn once in a while.

5) Market Trends and Activity
If your client just bought their home recently they want to see the prices going up, if someone is thinking of buying they want to see trends going down. Regardless of their stage in the buying and selling process people seem to be interested in the real estate market. This is an easy way to stay in touch and be an expert at the same time. Whether you use canned stats from your MLS or dig up your own, people are interested. You can write about:

  • Sales activity
  • Interest Rates
  • Relative Cost of Housing
  • Year to year comparisons

Perhaps you were looking for more concrete examples or even actual letters already written, but the truth of the matter is database marketing requires planning and execution. These were ideas to get you started. Or you can always delegate to me.

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