Creating a Network

Regardless of what business you are in your database is the most important tool you have and building your network is the key to success of most businesses. Most people ponder where their network comes from so here are a few ideas. There are 5 main areas to look at in creating a network or sphere of influence. I have listed some of the companies that fall into these categories:

1) Your Business and Work network
2) Your Money and Legal network
3) Your Personal Health network
4) Your Personal Service network
5) Your Home Service Network

1) Your Business and Work network
Business Coach – Career Consultant/Planner
Computer Consultant – Corporate Coach
Corporate Trainer – Graphic Artist
Headhunter – Internet Marketing Expert
Marketer – Marketing Coach
Printer/Copy Place – Professional Networker
Professional Writer – Software Consultant
Web Presence Provider

2) Your Money and Legal network
Accountant – Attorney (s)
Banker – Bookkeeper
Financial Planner – Insurance – Home/Auto
Insurance – Liability – Insurance – Life/Health/Disability
Money Manager – Property Manager
Realtor – Stockbroker
Venture Capitalist

3) Your Personal Health network

Acupuncturist – Chiropractor
Dentist/Cosmetic Dentist – Massage Therapist
MD – Cosmetic Surgeon – MD – Dermatologist
MD – Ophthamologist – MD – Sports
Naturopath – Nutritionist
Pharmacist – Therapist

4) Your Personal Service network
Auto mechanic/Car Care – Caterer
Childcare/Babysitter – Decorator
Dental Insurance – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
Event Planner – Florist
Funeral Director – Grief Counselor
Housekeeping/Cleaning – Minister/Clergy
Optometrist – Pediatrician
Personal Concierge/Errands – Personal Shopper
Pet Trainer – Portrait Photographer
Professional Gift Service – Professional Organizers
Retirement Planner – Seamstress/Tailor
Self-Defense Trainer – Travel Agent

5) Your Home Service Network
Air conditioning/Heating – Architect
Carpet Cleaner – Electrician
Handyman/woman – Interior Designer/Decorator
Landscaper – Painter
Pest Control

So now what? Make a list and try to think of all of the services you use from this list and then think of others too. Go through business cards. Drive through the neighborhood. Keep adding to the list whenever you can.

Add these people to your sphere of influence and start including them in your mailings. Some will ask to be removed, but you will be surprised at how many appreciate you keeping in touch with them.

Bottom line is increasing your source of business and referrals.

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  1. Great post. A tool I also use to build my network is LinkedIn. I have found it to be a invaluable tool in helping me to keep track of people and stay in touch. I wrote a great post a few weeks back about LinkedIn, what it does and how to use it that can be seen here:
    That was a great list of places to look when adding to your network!

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