Most Expensive Property For Sale in the U.S.

The most expensive property for sale in the United States is the Hala Ranch, asking price is $ 135 million, located northwest of Downtown Aspen, Colo. The current owner is the family of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former ambassador to the United States form Saudi Arabia.

Hala RanchJoshua Saslove, principal of Joshua Inc., which has the sales listing, has received more than 1,000 requests to tour the house since it went on the market last October, but only 11 of them have been granted. To qualify, a potential buyer must be a billionaire.

At 56,000 square feet, Hala is bigger than the White House. It operates with a staff of 12 who keep busy with 15 bedrooms and 16 baths. It has a private barbershop and beauty salon just off the master suite and enough space for a party of 450 people.

One drawback is the kitchen is in the basement and outfitted for the convenience of professional chefs. I would miss slipping down to the kitchen to make a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight.

Where does the asking price come from? Saslove estimates that an acre of land in this area is worth $9 million and Hala sits on 95 of them.

By the way the total value of listings on the Joshua Inc web site is $ 486, 890,000 for 23 listings. The other 22 listings average almost $ 16 million each.

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