Direct Mail Idea 2 – Restaurant Guide

If your prospects and sphere of influence are located in the same general area of your city why not send them a postcard with a list of local restaurants that they will value for years?

This is an example of a generic 4″x9″ card I have developed for clients. It is designed for specific area of Vancouver called Yaletown which is self-contained so I was able to list the restaurants on only one side.

YOUR Yaletown Restaurant Add Rev 1 YOUR Yaletown Restaurant Add Rev 1 Back There is an area on the front and back for the
sponsor such as a Realtor to advertise their
name, phone number, web site etc.
Realtors can also add their photo, slogan
and company logo.
Each restaurant is listed with their name,
address and phone number.


(Click on card to enlarge image)Your North Vancouver Restaurant Add Rev 1

Your North Vancouver Restaurant Add Side 2 Rev 1

Some areas with more restaurants will require both
the back and front of the postcard like this example.

Clients have the choice of
colors, but to be cost effective
they have to stick with the
basic design.


So how do you start?

Most cities will have a web site that publishes lists of restaurants or you can use the local yellow pages. In Vancouver I used a combination of a web site called Dine Here and the local Superpages for my research. I then cut and pasted the information into a spreadsheet so I could organize the names. I also checked any phone numbers and added a couple that I knew had just opened up.

What about the layout?
If you are competent at using layout software such as Microsoft Publisher or an of the Adobe products then you can lay this out yourself. Otherwise you may need the services of a local printer and/or graphic designer.

Alternatively, even though it is in Canadian dollars and features Vancouver, check out our Restaurant Guide Fee Schedule as we can do the research and layout here and either send it to your printer or have them printed locally and shipped.

How are they distributed?
Depending on the client they can either be mailed as part of an unaddressed mail walk in a “farm area” or mailed in an envelope with a cover letter to your sphere of influence.

Do they work?
Ask yourself if you would keep a local Restaurant Guide? Would you tuck it into the drawer in the kitchen or put it up on the refrigerator? Would it make you think of the sender every time you looked at it? Would it keep them closer to the top of your mind when you are thinking of using their service or product?

This piece is perfect for “refrigerator marketing” as it is kept on the fridge for a lot longer than a sale flyer or Just Listed postcard.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Trisha says:

    I need a price on dining guides for Corinth TX!

  2. Yaz Okulu says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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