Email Stationery – Make A Good Impression Every Time

As a marketing guy I work with a lot of companies and individuals that are trying to standardize their message across all of their touch points with clients and customers. Consistency is the key to a successful brand.

As the use of email has grown so rapidly as a communications tool it is necessary to address the image that clients convey when they send an email. Are they making a good impression?

That is why I started an email stationery company inboxFX Communications Inc. I looked far and wide for a email letterhead or email stationery, but most of the available applications required me to download software, would only work from one computer, would only work with Outlook and sent images which were despised by spam filters. So I sought out a smart guy as a partner and we created our own solution.

inboxfx logo

We started with standard templates, but soon learned that anyone concerned with their image wanted a custom design that complemented their existing marketing material. They also wanted it to resemble their web site as this was the next logical place a customer would see their brand. Here are some of the features we incorporated:

  1. It works from any hand held with email capability such as a Blackberry.
  2. It works from web mail programs such as Hotmail.
  3. You can turn it off by adding three asterisks to the subject line (which we delete on the fly) and deliver.
  4. When someone sends you a plain, boring, text email and you reply the email thread is automatically inside your template so now your branding is dominant.
  5. It does not stack up on subsequent replies. Each email pushes the previous one further down within the border of your stationery.
  6. We allow a couple of modifications a year at no charge.
  7. As a Realtor it will work from any MLS system so property matches sent to buyers will be “wrapped” in your stationery.
  8. If you have links on your template you can make one of them a Featured Property or a Sale Item and we can change the link on a regular basis.

Here are few recent designs. Don’t worry if you don’t see something you like as we can create a custom design. Every one of our templates is designed for a specific reason for the client.

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger version. (They may appear a bit blurry, but that is because they have been reduced in size):

Email Template Robyn Email Template Adam Email Template Jane

Email Template Elaine Email Template Anne Email Template Kim

Email Template Red Maple Email Template Chris Email Template xtra

Email Template Eugen Email Template Helms Email Template Space Planners

Email Template Jane Sells Email Template Evergreen Email Template Maria

Email Template Gabriola Email Template Del Monte Email Template Galleries

Bottom line. What does it cost? If you go to the price page at inboxFX you will see the following:

Email Stationery Starter (using a simple template) $ 50.00 per year
Individual Plan for up to 4 email addresses – $ 149.00 + $ 50.00 for set-up
Small Business Plan for up to 20 email addresses – $ 249.00 + $ 50.00 for set-up

But, if you respond to this post and order email stationery we will waive the set-up fee for the first 25 clients.

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