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  1. Roger McDowl says:

    Very cool idea! We should sell them on our site!

    Thanks for the info!


  2. Matthew C says:

    That is excellent.

    I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes. You might want to take a look.

  3. jason says:

    I found this post by googling after traveling an hour and a half to see an open house only to have the seller’s agent refuse me entry because I did not want to remove my shoes. I don’t even understand the logic here. When I look at a home, one of the most important things I want to see is the basement. Am I supposed to walk around the basement with socks or bare feet? I realize “it’s their home until they sell it” but they need to realize that I’m about to shell out a half a million dollars to buy it and while they have only one home to sell, I can choose to buy from hundreds. After going to 50 open house, I would say that more than half of them have grossed me out with their filth, pets, smells, and while you can never tell from the outside, I would never enter a house without my shoes. I’m sorry but you can clean up after an open house and sweep and mop or you don’t really want to sell your house.

  4. Mandy says:

    We are selling our house and bought the shoe covers for people to put over their shoes. We just had brand new carpet laid. But I believe that covers are a better idea. First, who knows if people have clean socks on! Yuck! No stinky feet on our new carpet please! Second, its not easy to remove some shoes or easy for some people to remove their shoes. And lastly, you dont have to turn people away like the guy who commented above, who refuse to remove their shoes.
    Note to the guy above, maybe you should of invested a dollar into your own shoe covers so you didn’t have to look at so many places who upset you. You could of put them in your vehicle and took them inside the houses just in case.
    But I am making a sign for our house now and looking to google for help on my wording. I do like this sign a lot but I’ll need to edit “remove” to “cover” and I think it’ll be perfect!
    Thanks! !

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