How Do You Sell a $ 50,000 Sofa?

I write a lot of posts for mainstream marketing and Realtors, but I work with many other unique challenges. One of my clients, David Christopher Furniture Collection, had an interesting marketing dilemma; how do you bring a $ 50,000 sofa to market. Especially if it is called Phat-J!
Phat J Phat J Rear
Front and Rear Views. Note the circular
champagne bucket. Click for larger image.

J SofaDavid Christopher has been designing his collection of Trump and Georgecontemporary furniture over the past three years and it now includes more than 15 pieces. The signature piece is Phat-J and it currently graces many living rooms, in spite of the price tag, but one of the most popular pieces is called J-Sofa. It has been featured in many magazines, but the most famous marketing coup of all was having it featured at the launch party of Trump World Magazine…and even cooler was getting The Donald and George to pose for a picture.Trump Ad Black

The first ad in Trump World magazine had to put the company on the map and there was a lot of pressure to create a high impact ad that would capture the attention of the target market. We used J-Sofa for the first ad as it was more photogenic. The story behind the ad Trump Ad Whitewas that a successful, middle-aged businessman had invited a woman for dinner, but as you can see from the shoes, J-Sofa convinced her to pass on dinner and stay home…for dessert.

We tried the ad with a black background and the white and ended up publishing the black background. By the way, that is the back of my head. We needed a guy with grey hair and middle-aged and my back is my best side so I was perfect.

We also need tear sheets which are a standard in the furniture industry and I designed a series like the following:

Phat-J 2005 Summer Tear Front Phat-J 2005 Summer Tear Back

I also designed a unique marketing piece for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) which is held in New York every year. We wanted to be understated and elegant so I coined the term “Live Lavish” which was the theme we carried through the brochure. It was a small 3″ x 5″ booklet with 20 pages. Following are some excerpts.

Lifestyle Brochure_Page_13 Lifestyle Brochure_Page_18 Lifestyle Brochure_Page_15 Lifestyle Brochure_Page_17

Every marketing piece has to be unique and distinctive so we have printed on vellum, card stock and everything in between. One piece was a series of postcards that was held together in the corner with small screw posts. If you have a minute you should visit the David Christopher Furniture Collection web site at or David’s building design web site at



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  1. I don’t recommend that you try to sell a $50K sofa Mike. It looks to me more like a $50K piece of unique, modern art that just happens to be a comfortable place to rest your head!

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