What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Email?

I have experimented with emailing at different times of day and days of the week and my gut feel has been that a lot of people read their email in the evening so I tend to send emails off later in the day. I also find my inbox quiet later in the afternoon so I am more likely to read an email sent in the afternoon.

Clock FaceTo get a better understanding I turned to the experts; eROI, Inc. eRoi help their clients generate and capture qualified leads online through email marketing, e-commerce, search engine marketing, and Web site development.

According to their “Email Marketing Statistics by Day and Time” study for the second quarter of 2007, which is due to be released within the next few days, the best days and times for opens are:

  • Wednesday followed by Monday and Thursday at 27%, 26% and 27% respectively
  • Tuesday and Friday at 23%
  • Sunday at 14% and and then Saturday at 12%.
  • 11am and 4pm scored the highest marks for business hour read rates and click through rates
  • 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. are the highest peaks of the day for read rates.

While this is not conclusive it should make you think about whether you should be sending emails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because it looks as if they are being bundled into Mondays’ email when there is going to be lots of competition to be read.

I am going to try emailing Monday to Thursday at 4pm or later and see if that improves my results.

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