Even More Expensive House in the U.S.

On July 3rd I wrote about the most expensive house for sale in the U.S. only to wake up today and find out I am out of date and $30 million dollars low.

Now a Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst is on the Most Expensive House July 11market for $165 million. It is believed to be the nation’s priciest residential listing. The six-and-a-half acre estate has three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, a movie theater, a disco and separate residence for the security staff.

According to an article in the Independent newspaper, in reality, no single residence has sold for a nine-figure sum before. The record remains the $94m which was paid for the Bel-Air home of the former telecoms mogul Gary Winnick in 2001.

July 12, 2007 – Late Breaking News -The $94 Million record is now toast with a record-breaking sale of a residential property in East Hampton (NY) for $103 million. The new U.S. record sale was supposed to be hush-hush; but, the news was quickly out that Schlumberger Oil fortune heiress Adelaide de Menil and her husband Ted Carpenter had sold the ocean front property to Ron Baron, founder of Baron Funds Investment Company.

AP Aerial view of the property.

Open House Canceled
There will be no open houses for the merely curious. Buyers expressing serious interest will be screened by Mr Shapiro before they are let through the gates. His rule of thumb: spending $165m should not dent their personal worth by more than 10 per cent.


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