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I have become a huge fan of blogging in the past couple of months and while I consider myself a novice I am overwhelmed by the results I have achieved as measured by my rankings in Google. I am always thirsting for new ideas and Mack Collier wrote an article on the Marketing Profs blog called “Eight Easy Ways To Grow Your Blog” that is indispensable. You can also visit his blog for more ideas. I would also like to credit Jordan Behan of Tell Ten Friends for alerting me to this post.

Here is a an excerpt from the post, but to do it justice you should read the whole article and visit Mack’s blog for a few more. The photo is a re-enactment of me typing with two fingers and a thumb.

Mike Typing1 – Post regularly. Probably the easiest way to grow your blog’s readership is to make sure you post on a regular schedule going in.

2 – Develop a comment policy. Decide how you will handle comments, if you will post them automatically, or moderate them. And if you moderate them, you need to develop a plan for approving them as quickly as possible, and during non-business hours.

3 – Reply to comments. Listen to the feedback you are receiving from your readers. Readers want to know that you are paying attention to their comments, and by replying and acknowledging them, you are showing your readers that you appreciate their efforts.

4 – Showcase readers who make special contributions. Do everything you can to make sure that readers that frequently comment, or link to your blog, know that you appreciate them.

5 – Build your blogroll with your readers’ interests in mind. Remember your blog isn’t for you, it’s for your community.

6 – Offer unique content aimed at your blog’s target audience.

7 – Make your blog’s feed available for RSS subscribers. Feed readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines are becoming increasingly popular, so you should set up a FeedBurner account ASAP and get your feed out there.

8 – Offer email subscriptions to your blog’s content. FeedBurner offers this service as well. Offering email subscriptions gives these infrequent readers the ability to stay up to date on your postings.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. bluebeard2 says:

    Hi Mike, I notice you blog a couple of times a day sometimes. I think you’re well on your way as a blogger and the regular quality posts show you’re committed.

    I’d recommend you add you photo to the head banner or sidebar of your blog, it’ll will make your site more recognizable (I must of course take my own advice too).

    Keep blogging.

  2. Mack Collier says:

    Mike thanks for the post, and I love Jordan’s blog, he’s one of the blogging heavyweights! Glad you could find some use from my article!

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