Prospecting Tips – Why Won’t They Call Back?

I always thought people didn’t respond to my calls, proposals and letters because they didn’t like me, but then I got thinking that they hadn’t met me so how could they not like me? There must be another reason.

Light at end of tunnelSo off to a marketing monastery (Actual picture of the light at the end of the tunnel) I went to contemplate the question “why don’t people respond to a contact” and here is what I came up with:

Even if people have an interest in what you are offering they do not usually respond the first time they receive an offer. The short answer is because it’s human nature.

People may have every intention of doing so, but for one reason or another, they don’t respond.

  1. People procrastinate.
  2. People get side-tracked by something else.
  3. People need to think about it–and then forget it.
  4. People don’t have the money right now.
  5. People are busy and they have a million other things they have to do before they can seriously consider your offer.
  6. People have issues that won’t allow them to respond now, but those issue may change completely in a few months.

Then I started looking at my “To Do” file folder and my “Neat Ideas” file folder and I realized I have dozens of flyers, emails, letters, post cards, etc. of offers that I am interested in, but I put them aside with every intention that later I will study them more closely and make a decision then.

What can we learn from this? Keep trying to make contact until you are told otherwise as it is not a rejection, it’s a part of the sales process.

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