Direct Mail and Email Marketing are Tops

The choice of marketing tools is always difficult and marketers are always trying new ways to reach their markets, but Direct Mail continues to be at the top of the list.  Of all the new medias that have been developed over the past 5 years, email marketing has risen above all others.

Direct mail and email generated the best return on investment among media channels in 2006, according to respondents – both B2B and consumer marketers – to a new Harte-Hanks survey administered by CSO Insights, reports MarketingCharts.

For companies marketing to consumer, Direct Mail provided the number one return on investment (ROI) from 70% of the respondents and email marketing was number one with 47% of the respondents.

For companies marketing to other businesses, 50% of the respondents chose Email Marketing as the number 1 ROI with Events/Tradeshows and Direct Mail closely bunched around 45%.


About the study: Among the respondents, 28% represented technology companies, 19% from the manufacturing sector (non-tech), 13% among services companies, 9% financial, 7% in healthcare and 5% retailers and consumer package goods companies – with a variety of other sectors (nonprofit, government, education, travel and transportation, among others) making up the other 24%. Approximately 60% of survey respondents represent B2B marketers.

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