Prospecting 101

Prospecting WomanThere is nothing more frightening in business than prospecting…unless you understand a bit more about what is going on at the other end of the phone. Next time you get a call from someone prospecting for your business think about how you handle the situation and then you will start to better understand what happens when you are prospecting.

1. Prospecting means taking action. You have to to pick up the phone or you aren’t prospecting.

2. Prospecting is like baseball. You have to get to first base before you can get to second, third and home. Try to move business forward and don’t try for a home run every call. Each call should advance you around the bases.

3. Call back. Most people actually appreciate your persistence as they feel guilty about not calling you back. That doesn’t mean they will automatically say yes, but they are prospecting in their business too and appreciate what you are going through. People don’t call them back too.

4. People do not return calls because they have higher priorities. It does not mean they hate you. Think of how you prioritize calls coming to you and that is exactly what your prospect is doing.Prospecting 2

5. If there is an answering machine leave a detailed message..and let them know you will try again at a certain time or if they want they can call you, but leave the door open for you to keep calling.

6. When you do reach a hard-to-get prospect recognize they have been busy and ask if it is a good time to speak. If it isn’t schedule another time. Don’t say “You are a hard person to get hold of” or “Finally we speak. I thought you died”. Start talking as if you reached them on the first call and don’t be judgmental.

7. Have a plan for the conversation and an anticipated outcome; a meeting, a proposal, a test drive etc.

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