Copyright Permission Form

Question Mark in RedThis post is bit dry, but I get inquiries from clients about whether they need permission to use material found on the web and to the best of my knowledge copyright law applies the same way to information published on the internet as it does to printed material

I always use the following format when I want to re-publish web content. 99% of the time the writer is happy to share their work, but just want to know where it is going and what is being used for. Sometimes they want credit too which is only natural.

Feel free to use this format when requesting permission for web content. I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

To:______________________________ Email:______________________________

I, ______________________________, request your permission to reprint the following items (described

below) on my Web page: ______________________________________

I intend to use the copy(s) for the following: __ Personal use__ Research __ Commercial use__ Reporting __
Criticism or Review__ Education

Item(s) to be Copied Title:______________________________


Describe how the copies will be used:___________________________________________________

Requestor Information Name:______________________________

Company Name:______________________________


Email Address:______________________________

Phone Number:______________________________


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