Sponsoring Golf Holes

Golf GimmeI have been in a lot of golf tournaments and I am always amazed at how many companies sponsor golf holes, usually at great expense and all they get is a little sign. What if you were actually at the golf hole?

I like the idea of the sponsor actually sitting at the hole – in person. Then make it fun for the golfers.

  1. Set up a couple of croquet wickets as a putting course on the tee and have the teams “putt through” while they wait to go.
  2. Take a video, digital photo or Polariod photograph of the foursome and ask for their email address so you can send it to them. Or play the video at the banquet.
  3. Mail them a framed photo.
  4. Have each foursome drive marshmallows or cotton swabs while they are waiting. Farthest drive gets a prize from you–visor, club cover, etc.

Imagine the impact you would make over just having a sign.

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  1. TitleRep says:

    I played in a local tournament last week that had sponsors at each hole as you mentioned. It made it a lot more fun. We had to chip a rubber duckie into a kiddie pool to win prizes. A long drive contest with an oversize plastic club and ball. Some of the sponsors even had beer kegs and margaritas.

    So, this morning I signed up to sponsor a hole at another event next month. I’m sitting here thinking about what I can do to stand out from the rest and I see your post on my RSS reader. I love the digital photo idea!

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