Open House Tip #3 – Coloring for the Kids

When you hold an open house it is your time to shine and you should not miss an opportunity to make a positive impression on people coming through the house.  After all they are probably looking for a professional Realtor to list their home.

Open House COlouringThis recommendation is effective in two ways; it either entertains kids and gives he parents a chance to view the home and/or it impresses parents and creates a positive impression of you.

I recommend you print some stock coloring pages, add your branding discretely to the page and put them out on the kitchen table.  Free coloring pages are available on the internet.  For crayons go to a dollar store and pick up packages or 16 for a buck.  I know a lot of people don’t bring kids to open houses, but if they have kids they will be impressed  you were thinking about them and I have seen people take the pages and crayons home for the kids.

If there are no kids offer the coloring and a pack of crayons to people.  Guess what happens next?  The kids color the pages and put the on the refrigerator with all of the other artwork and your name is displayed for weeks on the fridge.

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  1. farimah says:

    I love the coloring page idea! thank you

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