Writing a Slogan or Tag Line

CokeI believe your slogan either has to be a great one or you are better with none at all. This holds true for both company slogans and personal slogans. Mine is a play on a well-known slogan, but I have personalized it. Now it embodies everything I stand for as a marketer and it guides me every day.

“Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementation is priceless!”

A properly written slogan can have a positive effect in building and sustaining name recognition. A good slogan read or heard on its own immediately identifies not just the company, but the company’s product.

(Check out this post I wrote about Writing the Perfect Tagline.)

With that said what are some of the benefits of a good slogan?

  1. It can motivate people to buy.
  2. Describes what is special about you or your business.
  3. Adds punch to your stationery and ads.
  4. Captures people’s attention.
  5. Differentiates you from your competition.
  6. Encapsulates your business philosophy.
  7. Focuses your marketing on target markets.

What are some of the attributes of a good slogan?

  1. It should be short.
  2. It should be memorable.
  3. It should reflect your business philosophy and target markets.
  4. It should appeal to your customer’s emotions.
  5. It should have a “ring” to it.
  6. It should work when written and said out loud.
  7. It should be specific.

So how do you develop a slogan?

Sometimes the easiest way is to write out the greatest benefit of working with you or using your product.

Using the example of a Skylight installation company that thinks the benefit of working with them is that they can install a skylight with the least disruption in their customer’s lives, the slogan could be:

“Providing a clear difference in your home”
“The worry-free skylight installation company”
“Give us 3 days and you will see the light”

You need to find ways to distinguish your business or service from others and it has to be a credible difference. Something you can prove in a few words. Think about what your clients want to buy not about what you want to sell. Try to appeal to what they would look for in your company or service that makes them comfortable dealing with you. What are the most important aspects of your business or service that meets the most important needs of your clients.

Writing a slogan for a Realtor.

I have collected slogans from Realtors and it never ceases to amaze me how self-centric (is that a word?) they are. Did the writer ever ask themselves what attributes a home buyer or seller looks for in a Realtor? Did these Realtors look inside themselves and determine what characteristic or strength they have that people look for in a Realtor? Aren’t there certain attributes such as honesty and integrity that go without saying? Do the slogans instantly identify the benefit of choosing that Realtor?

These slogans can be broken down into two groups. Those that differentiate a Realtor and creates a positive impression on the reader and the others that in my opinion state the obvious and do not provide a credible difference. I use them as examples only and in no way mean to detract from their effectiveness for the specific Realtor. Hopefully you will agree with my picks, but I am open to criticism.

Slogans that state the obvious and do not convey attributes people look for in a Realtor
Good slogans that convey benefits, personality and differentiates
the Realtor
A Good Listener
A Name Friends Recommend
A name you can depend on
A Tradition of Sound Advice
A Realtor You Can Trust
Anyone can sell your home. I can sell it for more.
A Traditon of Trust
Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be hard.
A Trusted Name in Real Estate
Choosing The Right Realtor DOES Make a Difference
A Trusted Name in the Business since 1996
Finding homes for families like yours
Advice you can Trust
Get Listed. Get Sold.
Always putting your best interests first!
Help Families Make The Right Move
An Uncommon Realtor
I Never Forget You Have a Choice
Bringing Home Results
Looking for a knowledeable, approachable, service oriented Real Estate Agent?
Buying or Selling, call today!
Purveyor of fine homes to fine people.
Call me for your real estate needs
Take the worry out of condo buying. Call the specialist.
Committed to Service Excellence
The strength of teamwork…The reputation for results.
Dedicated to exceptional service
Turning Your Dreams Into an Address
Exceeding Your Expectations
Your Real Estate Coach
Excellent Service – Excellent Results
Expect the very best!
Experience Counts
Experience. Success. See the Difference.
For all your real estate needs
For Professional Service With Results
Get results!
Going the extra distance for you…
Guaranteed Service
Honest, Professional Service
I love to sell Real Estate
Integrity You Can Count On
Integrity, Exceptional Service, Outstanding Results
It would be my pleasure to work with you
It’s the Energy!
It’s the Experience!
Knowledgeable – Approachable – Trustworthy – Hard Working
Let me get your home SOLD too!
Let me help make your dreams come true
Let my 16 years of experience work for you.
Let my Success and Experience Work for you!
Let over 39 years of selling experience work for you.
Lifetime Medallion Club Member – 22 Years
List with me today!
Looking for a realtor? Call me today!
Make the Right Move – If You Are Buying or Selling Call Me Today!
Making you feel at home.
Marketing Your Home For All It’s Worth
My heart’s desire is to represent my clients with honesty and the highest level of personal service
Negotiating Your Future
New Home Specialist
No Fancy Punchlines- Just Great Service
Nothing is Impossible
Out of This World Service
Outstanding Service – Outstanding Results …Year After Year
Outstanding Service = Outstanding Results
Over __ Years Experience
Personal, Professional and Prompt
Please call ME for the results YOU want.It’s the Energy!
Professional Personal Real Estate Services
Professional Results Guaranteed!
Professional Service…with results!
Professionalism – Passion – Perseverance
Proven Results – All the time
Put my experience to work for you!
Quality Service Since 1991
real experience. real commitment. real estate.
Real results for your real estate needs
Real Service for Real People
Relationship + Respect = Referrals …
Representing Prime Residential Properties
Residential Sales Specialist
Results?…You Bet!!
Rock Solid Bridge to Your Dreams
Sell and buy with confidence! I work for for you. PERSONALLY
Selling Houses and Creating Homes
Selling or buying – Put My Experience to Work Today
Selling Your Home Securing Your Lifestyle
Sold more West Vancouver homes in 2003 than any other Realtor.
Successfully selling homes since 1990
Take your TIME to…make the right MOVE.
The Agent with a Heart
The Best Move You’ll Ever Make
The Dynamite Team
The name you can bank on (good if you have the right last name)
The only address you need to know
The People’s Realtor
The Real Estate Leaders
The Service We Provide As a Team Goes Well Beyond Just Selling or Finding You a Home
The Top Team
There’s simply no substitute for knowledge and experience
Together we SERVE you better
Trust and Integrity. A Proven Record.
Trust, honesty and integrity…always.
Trust, Integrity, Community
Two Generations of Experience
Understanding Your Needs
We’ve Learned to Listen
Whatever it takes, I will get the job done!
When integrity and honesty count
Working for you
Working For You and With You
Your Best Interest is Our Top Priority
Your Best Move
Your Business Is My Top Priority
Your partner in real estate
Your Real Estate Connection
Your Realtor “Positively”
Your realtor for life
Your Realtor for over 19 years
Your Recommended Realtors
Your Residential Real Estate Specialist

Need a Slogan?

I will create a tagline / slogan for you. All I need from you is a few minutes of your time to complete a simple questionnaire and I will do the rest. I will provide about 5 concepts for you to choose from. We will narrow it down to the best 2 and refine those to the point where you can choose the one that fits best. Elapsed time from receipt of the questionnaire from you is less than 72 hours.

The fee for this service is $ 199.00 (USD or CDN) payable by credit card. What’s the catch? There is none. If you are not completely satisfied with the results then there is no fee. There is no payment required until you have submitted the questionnaire.

In addition, I can help you integrate your new slogan or tagline into your marketing and if you require a logo, stationery package, website or advertising I can help you there too.

Call Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or email me at marketingguy@shaw.ca to get started.

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  1. Paul Francis says:

    Nice post. Several real estate training programs say use a slogan but very few go into the proper way to create one. What’s in it for me needs to always be considered in all of your marketing.

  2. Ivana Taylor says:

    Why is it that the list of bad slogans is so long and the list of good ones is so short?:)

  3. Lilian says:

    These guidelines come in really good timimg. Thank you for sharing your experience online.

  4. Wes says:

    Thanks alot for this info, was helpful for me

  5. Anwar Qureshi says:

    Excellent its been quite a help.Some finer points wil help me develope new slogans. i am basically intereted in financial institutions slogans, but in a way this will help me.

  6. kathy ames says:

    Concise, concrete ideas for creating a slogan.

  7. prabhakr reddy says:

    thanks a lot its really help me a lot to creat a new slogan

  8. robin kamitono says:

    I learned something new, your information and ideas will help me with my new real estate career.

  9. Jessica T says:

    Thanks for the info! I wish I had a more creative mind when it comes to me and my business!

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