Top 5 Reasons To Use Email Stationery

  1. It makes your email stand out among the dozens your client is reading.
  2. It conveys a more professional and updated image.
  3. Drives traffic to your web site.
  4. Captures the readers attention in the 5 – 8 seconds they spend reading your email.
  5. Readers will spend more time reading your email.
  6. BONUS REASON if you are a Realtor – all of your emails from your MLS will be sent branded.

Click on the images below for larger version of 3 simples samples:

Higher Ground EmailTerri EmailDyer Email Stationery





Conflict of Interest Alert!

If you have been reading this blog in the past you know I have a vested interest in email stationery through inboxFX Communications Inc (click on link above for more information).

That disclosure out of the way, the reason I went into the email stationery business in the first place was to fill the marketing and branding void that has been created by email and I feel strongly that businesses are missing a great opportunity to reinforce their brand with every email.

We brand our letterhead, business cards, web site, brochures, invoices, memo pads and even pens, but when we use the most common form of communication with our clients and prospects we send plain, ugly, text email. While this seems to be acceptable it doesn’t make it right! Can you guess which email is the ugly one?


Now that you are interested in achieving the Top 5 Goals the process is simple:

Call me – Mike Blaney at 800-568-8338 or email me at or go to the inboxFX web site and complete the simple inquiry form.

If you are just curious email me and I will email you back my own stationery which gets me a lot of compliments or got to the inboxFX web site.

The cost ranges from $ 49.00 to $ 199.00 per year depending on the complexity of the stationery, the set up required and the number of users. If you mention you read it here before August 15th I will waive the $ 50.00 set-up fee.

How does it work?

  • We custom design your stationery usually using your web site as a starting point
  • Send you a sample the same day
  • Work with you to make it reflect your branding perfectly
  • Get you up and running over the phone.
  • Provide support for the year.
  • Give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied
  • Pay you $ 25.00 every time you send us a referral.

The whole process can take less than day.

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