Open House Tip #4 – Invite the Neighbors

I read a lot about how bad it is that open houses are being visited mostly by neighbors…people who own homes that may want to sell them…people who do not meet a lot of Realtors, but might have read negative things…people who have friends that might want to move into the neighborhood…people with kids of their own that are first time buyers or have parents that might be down-sizing.

3 1960 Rufus Feature Sheet Rev 1For all of the Realtors that say open houses are a waste of time, give your head a shake. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add people to your sphere of influence. Instead, make a point of inviting neighbors to a special preview just for them. Walk the neighborhood and drop off a special invitation for them and their friends to come for 30 minutes before the public open. Have coffee and cookies and make a production out of it because these are the very people who might be needing your services in the future and are a good source of buyer leads for the home.

Click on the thumbnail for a sample invitation.

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  1. That assumes the neighbors will drop by …

    Seriously, though, I have less of an issue with open houses as long as agents are honest with the sellers and let them know these open houses aren’t for them – they are for the agents. While selling the house is the ultimate goal, realistically the agent is hoping to expand his or her sphere as you said and perhaps pick up some buyers or listings for the future.

    Which is well and good, as long as the sellers know that up front. It’s those agents who sell open houses as THE way to sell a house and send the family and the kids and the pets packing for four hours on a Saturday to expand their own business – not to help the sellers – with whom I have a problem.

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