Marketing is…

There is a saying that “Marketing is About Listening and Sales is About Talking” and there is a lot of truth to this, but Marketing is more than just listening. There are many definitions about marketing, but the following 7 tenets are the ones that I subscribe to:

crowd 75.
Marketing is about your marketplace. Not about your product.

People 75
Marketing is about people. Their behaviour….what they do.

whisper 75.
Marketing is about listening. To your markets. To your customers.

ABC 75
Marketing is about learning. The market will tell you what to do.

Focus 75
Marketing is about focus. On the people you deliver value to.

perspective 75
Marketing is about perspective. A marketing point of view.

Baby Holding 75
Marketing is about your instincts. And coming to trust them.

I am not sure of the source of some of these, but if I find it I will definitely add a credit.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. ezigo says:

    Real lovely, Far from all complications and definitions.

    thanks, nice input.

  2. Chase says:

    Wow that really reminded me of this great marketing book I had for class the other year, nicely done.

  3. Lionwish says:

    Do you think that online marketing has a different set of tenets?

      1. akhilnarain says:


        Especially the point of involving the sales team before strategising any marketing initiative…

        After all “Sale is an end to a Marketing mean..”

  4. dubvdoug says:

    I’m currently a senior marketing student, but this list is exactly in line with what we are taught!

  5. Excellent points! People often ask me what marketing is and this right on target with what my professors taught it as. Thanks!

  6. lionwish marketing says:

    Love the concept about listening to the consumer, too many companies get away from this. Tailor the message to fit your customer and don’t rest on your laurels. Push the envelope.

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