How to Create a Tip Sheet

If you are looking for a great promotional piece for your customers, content for your web site or email newsletter I recommend a tip sheet.

To create your own tip sheet, start by reviewing with your staff the types of problems or challenges facing your customers. What questions are asked most frequently, or what kinds of mistakes do your clients frequently make?

Those are the perfect starting points for a tip sheet, which should follow this format:

  1. Use an attention-grabbing headline.
  2. State a problem. Your first paragraph should explain why the tips are necessary.
  3. Include a quote if possible. Your second paragraph should include a quote from you or another expert, which establishes your qualifications and credentials.
  4. List 5 to 10 tips. Use strong verbs and solid advice, not details promoting your product or service’s features.
  5. Summarize with a wrap-up paragraph or a call to action. To help readers use your advice, offer a conclusion or a recommended next step. That might include visiting a specific Web site, making a phone call or simply being more aware of their options.
  6. Keep it to one page or less in length.

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