Personal Branding Magazine

Personal Branding MagI don’t usually endorse publications, but Dan Schwabel of the Personal Branding Blog has started publishing an online magazine that I think deserves a look.

Personal Branding Magazine is about you, your brand and your professional career development. With a collection of some of the most talented thought leaders on the internet, this magazine exposes information that you can relate to and use in everyday life. Personal Branding is not only the future of recruitment, but a necessity in a world driven by social communities, both online and off.

Explore topics such as blogging, social networking, multimedia and advice on how to have a successful job search. Each issue will give you the tools and resources needed to differentiate yourself from the competition.

It is sold as an electronic periodical (PDF) with 4 issues per each year February – May – August – November and the best news is 100% of profit goes to charity (American Cancer Society).

The list of articles include :

5 Personal Branding Tips
How to Choose a Brandable Domain Name
Social Networking
Video Blogging
Special Report: Top Corporate Brands of 2007

The premier edition features articles from a stellar cast:

Dan Schawbel Publisher Personal Branding Blog
Guy Kawasaki
Neil Patel QuickSprout
Lyn Chamberlin SkyePR
Michelle Dumas DistinctiveWeb
Rick Mahn
Chris Brogan ChrisBrogan
Rob Cuesta Branded Leader
Liz Pabon Branding Maven
David Frazer
Charles Lau
Scott Bradley Effective Networking

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick Mahn says:

    Mike, I just wanted to thank you for talking about Personal Branding Magazine. We’re all hard at work on our second issue and hope that it brings value to our readers. Personally I’m honored to be working with the people that Dan Schwabel has attracted to the project.

    Rick Mahn

  2. Charles Lau says:

    It’s exciting to be able to contribute in the first issue! Yeah Rick! All the way!

    Thanks for mentioning this magazine here… 🙂

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