Truth in Advertising – Hide it or Celebrate it?

When a Realtor is faced with a marketing a home that has an obvious negative is it better to hide the blemish or celebrate it? My opinion in most cases is to celebrate the fact and make the most of it.

Example 1

I wrote a Just Listed flyer for a home listed at $ 2.295 million with a really steep, curved driveway that was hard enough to walk down let alone drive down. The driveway was such a deal breaker that it was better to warn people rather than waste their time coming to see the home. (Click on thumbnail for larger version)


The Headline was:
“CAUTION! Do not read about this fabulous house if a steep driveway is going to pose a problem”. (and the word Steep was on a 45 degree angle)

The rest of the copy was:
“That is what you call truth in advertising as there is no way you are going to miss the driveway when you come to see this home. It will take a bit of getting used to…but the good news is you won’t have many peddlars coming to the door.”

Then I wrote about all of the features. We sent out 5,000 of these flyers and then sent out another without the “steep driveway” part and 174 days later the house remains unsold. The great news is a lot of people contacted the Realtors and told them how much they appreciated their honesty as they too had a home with a potential problem.

Example 2

One other interesting situation was a 2600 s.f home with one bedroom and one other room incorporating the dining, living, kitchen and family room which was listed at $ 1.149 million. Selling a one bedroom home is not easy in a family neighborhood so I stated the obvious
(Click on thumbnail for larger version):


“JUST LISTED” Ultimate in Adult Living – Looking for something truly spectacular? Great entertaining space, views, a bright open design?”

And the kicker!

“… room for the kids to come back to?”

An empty-nest couple living in the area read the line about the kids not having a bedroom to come back to and viewed the home right away. They ended up buying it.

So I’m batting .500 with honesty.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Charles Lau says:

    Interesting way of advertising with “truths” exposed…

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