Direct Mail Idea 3 – Sports Schedule

What kind of marketing tool am I?

  1. I last 8 months.
  2. I am looked at at least 80 times in the 8 months.
  3. Men love me.
  4. I am always lying around where people are.

CliveandSteveCanucksScheduleJan-AprilSTPFinal-1No it is not a Pamela Anderson 8 month calendar. It is a hockey team TV schedule. (Click on the thumbnails for a larger image)

It does not matter which sport you pick, the marketing benefits remain the same. People appreciate receiving things that are handy, informative, easy to read and useful so sending a branded calendar with a sports schedule is the perfect answer.

While this concept is not new, making it a TV schedule adds a new dimension. If your TV channels and broadcast rights are like the Vancouver Canucks you never know which station your team will be broadcast on. This handy card has the opponent, time of game and TV station.


In this case the Realtors have their branding on both sides and their slogan is reinforced each time someone refers to the card. It is a form of institutional advertising as it does not have a call to action, but simply reinforces the brand.

The card is mailed to thousands of homes in their marketing area and after a couple of years people look forward to it.

What does it cost?

Generally the design and layout is between $ 150 – $ 250 and the printing cost is $ 0.20 to $ 0.30 per postcard depending on quantity.

How do I distribute it?

It can be sent through admail, in an envelope addressed to your clients and prospects, as an insert in your local paper, through a flyer delivery service, left on the counter of local businesses or given away at local events. The most important thing is to get it into the hands of your clients and prospects.

How do you do this?

Researching the schedule is as easy as going to your local team’s website. I recommend a 4″ x 9″ postcard with full color on both sides. If the schedule is for a shorter season such as football, you can use the other side to publish a list of channels and their affiliates.

Or give me a call at 800-568-8338 or email me at and let me know which team you are interested in and I will send you a quote.

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